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Sperm Motility Treatment Medicine

Low sperm cell count and motility could be a fertility issue for men. it’s going to create it more durable to urge a partner pregnant. There square measure myriad causes for this condition, including:

Taking bound medications

Scarring from past surgery or infection

Cancer or previous cancer treatment

Hormonal imbalances

The main symptom of low sperm cell count and motility is issue obtaining a partner pregnant. 

Medication for sperm cell motility in Nagpur

Take Supplements which will Improve sperm cell Count The following supplements could improve sperm cell count and male fertility problems.

  • D-aspartic acid (D-AA). specialists believe this aminoalkanoic acid is expounded to low sperm cell count as a result of men with fertility problems have lower levels of it. Studies show that taking this acid as a supplement will raise androgen levels. If secretion problems square measure the reason for your low sperm cell count and motility issues, this supplement could facilitate.
  • Vitamin C. This powerful inhibitor protects your body’s cells from aerobic stress, that results in deterioration of cells. aerobic  stress will contribute to something from heart condition to cancer. Studies show it’s going to additionally cause physiological state. One study showed that taking a pair of,000 milligrams of water-soluble vitamin per day for 2 months augmented sperm cell motility by over ninetieth and doubled sperm cell count. It additionally reduced the quantity of broken sperm cell by quite.
  • Vitamin D. Studies show that individuals deficient in D square measure additional possible than others to own low androgen levels, that may lead to lower sperm cell count. One study showed that taking D for a year augmented androgen levels considerably.
  • Fenugreek. One study showed that taking Testofen — a supplement made up of fenugreek extract — improved androgen levels, sexual perform, and sexual frequency. this is often another supplement that will facilitate hormonally connected low sperm cell count and motility problems.
  • Zinc. Studies show that metal supplementation will increase each sperm cell count and androgen levels, however solely in those already deficient in it. However, an excessive amount of metal in humour could injury sperm cell, therefore any study is required to work out the precise indefinite quantity and application for this use.
Sperm Motility Treatment in Nagpur

Some life style changes could facilitate increase sperm cell motility for a few men:

exercise often

maintain a healthy weight

limit telephone exposure

reduce alcohol

quit smoking

Some supplements can also facilitate improve sperm cell motility. for instance, fifty two % increase in sperm cell motility in men World Health Organization took a daily supplement of two hundred micrograms of atomic number 34 in conjunction with four hundred units of fat-soluble vitamin for a minimum of one hundred days in an exceedingly row. Speak to your doctor before taking supplements, and use caution regarding wherever you purchase them. Supplements aren’t regulated, thus you must solely get them from good vendors.

If the explanation for the sperm cell quality issue may be a medical drawback, like low secretion levels or distention, medication like gonadotropin or human sac internal secretion could facilitate. In some cases, your doctor could advocate surgery.

Causes of low motility

The causes of low sperm motility vary, and many cases are unexplained.

Damage to the testicles, which make and store sperm, can impact on the quality of sperm.

Common causes of testicle damage include:

  • infection
  • testicular cancer
  • testicular surgery
  • an issue a man is born with
  • undescended testicles
  • injury

The long-term use of anabolic steroids can reduce sperm count and motility. Drugs, such as cannabis and cocaine, as well as some herbal remedies, can also affect semen quality.Varicocele, a condition of enlarged veins in the scrotum, has also been associated with low sperm motility.


  • Scrotal ultrasound. This test uses high-frequency sound waves to look at the testicles and supporting structures.
  • Hormone testing. Your doctor might recommend a blood test to determine the level of hormones produced by the pituitary gland and testicles, which play a key role in sexual development and sperm production.
  • Post-ejaculation urinalysis. Sperm in your urine can indicate your sperm are traveling backward into the bladder instead of out your penis during ejaculation (retrograde ejaculation).
  • Genetic tests. When sperm concentration is extremely low, genetic causes could be involved. A blood test can reveal whether there are subtle changes in the Y chromosome — signs of a genetic abnormality. Genetic testing might also be ordered to diagnose various congenital or inherited syndromes.