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What Do you mean by Test Tube Baby?

Test tube baby is a process where a child is conceived outside the women’s body. It is a scientific process known as In-Vitro fertilization or IVF treatment. Infertility specialists do this process in the laboratory.

What are the steps in this process?

In the beginning, it is ensured that the woman’s ovaries are inactive for a short period. This is to ensure their better response to IVF hormones injection & to avoid early production of eggs before the collection.
At the initial stage of ovarian stimulation, the dropped estrogen levels & thinning of uterus lining are observed & IVF injections are given to activate ovulation. After this process, the woman produces several eggs.
Then the doctors take eggs from the mother’s ovary & start the process of combining sperms and eggs for fertilization and store them in a laboratory.
Extreme precautions are taken to confirm that the eggs, sperms & embryos used in the process belong to the same couple.
Identifying & choosing the best embryo is the most challenging phase. For this process, the technique called ‘embryo grading’ is used. Generally, it takes 2-6 days to culture the fertilized eggs. The most healthy embryos are then transferred into the woman’s uterus where they develop normally.
Test tube baby procedure greatly helps women having untreatable infertility problems.